Using Shoplive Shortform

    Using Shoplive Shortform

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    ▶︎ Creating Shortform

    Shoplive Shortform can be created in two ways.

    • Using Media

    • Using Live Broadcast

    ▸ Create with Media

    You can create Shortform using pre-made videos.

    1. Click the 'Create Shortform' button.

    2. Click the 'Select Video' button.

    3. In the Media tab, click the 'Add New Media' button to upload a video.

    4. After selecting the uploaded media, click the 'Next' button.

    ▸ Create with Broadcast

    You can create Shortform using a previous broadcast conducted on Shoplive.

    1. Click the 'Create Shortform' button."

    2. "Click the 'Select Video' button."

    3. After selecting the broadcast to create a Shortform from in the Broadcast tab, click the 'Next' button.

    Edit Video Segment

    Set Segment

    Set the segment by entering the time or using the time editor.

    Set Segment Title

    You can set the title for the selected segment.

    Add Segment

    Click the 'Add Segment' button to add a segment.

    Zoom in to Edit Segment

    You can zoom in on the segment to edit it more precisely.

    Play Edited Segment

    Click the play button to preview the edited segment.

    "If the editing is complete, click the ‘Done' button.

    ▶︎ Set Shortform

    Set Public Status

    You can make the Shortform open, hidden, or reserve it to be public on a specific date and time.


    Setting the Shortform to ‘Open’ will display it on the service page. Click the End date checkbox to enter the date and time you want to stop the open status.


    If you set the Shortform to the 'Hidden' status, it will not be displayed on the service page.


    If you set the Shortform to the 'Reservation' status, it will be displayed during the specified period. You can enter the start and end date and time for when you want to begin and end the open status.

    Enter Shortform Information

    Enter information such as title and description for the Shortform. The entered information will be displayed on the left side of the Shortform player.

    Add Brand

    Click the 'Select' button to register the brand.

    Add Tags

    Click the 'Add’ button to enter the desired tags.

    ▶︎ Register Products

    ▸ Add Banner

    Click the 'Add Banner' button to add the banner.

    ▸ Add Products

    Click the 'Add Product' button to register a product.

    ▶︎ Delete Shortform

    On the Shortform details page, click the 'More Options' button in the top right corner, then click the 'Delete Shortform' button.

    ▶︎ Change Shortform Order in the List

    You can change the order of the displayed Shortforms by using drag and drop. (The changed order will be reflected without separate saving.)

    ▸ You can also change the order in the list when searching for Shortforms (by tags, titles, etc.).

    Tags require a complete match for the search content to be possible.

    The changed order in the search results list will be reflected in the overall list as well.