Migration guide

    Migration guide

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    Migration Guide

    Broadcasts and data from other solutions can be transferred to the Shoplive solution.

    Migration data list

    The migration service is a service that allows you to use the original video and viewer data (number of users, chat, number of likes, etc.) of broadcasts conducted using other solutions in the same way on Shoplive.

    broadcast data

    You can transfer all of the following items:



    Video original file

    MP4 file of broadcast video

    (resolution FHD (1080x1920 is recommended)

    broadcast date

    Date and time the broadcast took place

    broadcast title

    Title of the broadcast (maximum 255 characters)

    Views (total viewers)

    Number of views for the broadcast

    (you can select whether or not to include replay views)

    Maximum concurrent users

    Maximum number of concurrent users during live performance

    number of likes

    number of like clicks

    chat history

    Excel file of individual broadcasts of transmitted chats

    chat data

    By transferring chat data for each broadcast, you can show the same chat that took place during the broadcast in the replay.



    Chat input time

    The time the user's chat was sent

    user ID

    ID that can guarantee user uniqueness


    User nickname displayed in chat window

    Chat content

    Chat content entered by the user

    Products by broadcast

    Products introduced in a broadcast can be added to the Shoplive admin and added directly to the broadcast after previous tasks such as video and chat are completed.

    For information on how to add products to Shoplive Admin, please refer to the Creating Products and Adding and Removing Products guides.

    If you refer to the above and forward the data to the Shoplive representative, the Shoplive solution can provide the same broadcasts as other solutions through broadcast migration.