Article Summary

    Shoplive Web Developer Guide provides instructions on implementing various features of Shoplive

    Shoplive player in the web environment can be implemented in the following ways:

    We support simple integration in the case of service through hosting companies such as Cafe 24, Godo Mall, WISA, Makeshop, and Shopify.

    Use Case

    Integration is completed by specifying an id in the designated area for the Shoplive web client and calling a script with various options when using the Shoplive Plugin or Shoplive Player.

    • Shoplive Plugin provides templates for various content, including the broadcast title, related products, and a list of other broadcasts, based on the size of the div area, in addition to the player.

    • Using Shoplive Player (setPlayer), you can display the player in the desired div.

    • If there's no webpage available for displaying the Shoplive Player, you can use the pre-prepared broadcast page provided by

    Sample code for utilizing the Shoplive Plugin in the shoplive-overall-area

    <div id="shoplive-overall-area"></div>
    <script defer>cloud.shoplive.setOverall('shoplive-overall-area');</script>

    Sample code for displaying only the player in the player-div area.

    <div id="player-div"></div>
    <script defer>
      cloud.shoplive.setPlayer("shoplive-player", { campaignKey: "YOUR_CAMPAIGN_KEY" });

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